Chiminea Woods: Pinon, Apple, and Hickory—Oh My! November 06 2013, 0 Comments


A chiminea sounds great! But what kind of wood do I need to find to enjoy it? This is a pretty common question, and the answer is: it varies. It really depends on what you're looking to use the wood for. If you're just trying to relax around an aromatic, insect-repellant fire, pinon wood (more properly spelled piñon wood, pronounced pin-ion) is your best bet. If you want to cook over the chiminea's fire, nothing's going to beat apple, hickory, or mesquite, both in terms of quality of burn and the flavor these woods can impart to your food. Mesquite can burn rather hot though, so you'll need less of it than other woods. Apple and hickory are very traditional meat smoking woods, and shine if you're using your chiminea to cook.

We can't recommend burning any type of treated woods, as burning chemical-treated woods can be hazardous. This includes glued plywoods. You'll find the best results by using hard woods in your chiminea; oak is a great choice if it's available, otherwise any seasoned firewood should be fine. Give a few of these options a try and see which you like best; like we said, there are definitely good reasons to use all of them, it just depends on how you personally use your chiminea.